Sonia is an external Library (API) for the Processing platform. It may also be included in any Java project.

The Sonia Library provides advanced audio capabilities such as multiple sample playback, realtime sound synthesis, realtime FFT (frequency) analysis of the microphone input, and writing .wav files from samples.

Sonia utilizes the JSyn plugin by Phil Burk. This means that users will need to install the JSyn browser plugin in order to view Sonia projects online. Click here to install the JSyn plugin.

To develop Processing projects with Sonia, you will need to include these files in Processing's 'Libraries' folder (or alternitively in your project's 'code' folder).

The Sonia Team:

The Sonia project was initiated by Amit Pitaru.

Steve Hallquist - ongoing help with the reference material.

Tetsuya Kondo - for creating maintaing the Japanese version! Arigato!

Toxi (Karsten) - general support and crystal-clear FFT optimization code.

Phil Burk - JSYN !

Latest News:

* I'm looking for developers that wish to join me in developing hte next version of Sonia.

* Processing V91 has a bug that prevents LiveInput from working on certain browsers. I strongly recommend using Processing V90.